Logan Morrison and Emilio Bonifacio - Miami Marlins (Photo by Sarah Glenn/Getty Images)

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So last night, the Cubs had a 5-1 lead over the Marlins in the bottom of the ninth.  One out and one on, Twitter hero Logan Morrison faced Cubs closer Carlos Marmol.

It didn’t end well:

75 mph slider.  And you can see the painfully late swing by LoMo.

As if that wasn’t enough embarrassment, Carlos Marmol himself couldn’t help but laugh at that last sequence:

Moral of the story: Even Carlos Marmol knows Carlos Marmol is ridiculous.

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30 Day MLB Challenge! 


Name your favourite player on each MLB team. :)


1. Arizona Diamondbacks - Daniel Hudson
2. Atlanta Braves - Tim Hudson! I swear this will not be a list of all Hudsons.
3. Baltimore Orioles - Derrek Lee with an alive wrist!
4. Boston Red Sox - Probably Jon Lester, if just to watch him pitch.
5. Chicago White Sox - Mark Buehrle / Carlos Quentin
6. Chicago Cubs - Starlin Castro / Kerry Wood (ssh)
7. Cincinnati Reds - …I am honestly drawing a blank here.
8. Cleveland Indians - an alive Grady Sizemore
9. Colorado Rockies - Huston Street
10. Detroit Tigers - Justin Verlashes
11. Florida Marlins - LoMo, only because he is unsure of my gender
12. Houston Astros - I like the puns Bob always makes about Hunter Pence
13. Kansas City Royals - Frenchy! I kid. It’s probably Joakim Soria.
14. Los Angeles Angels - Dan Haren
15. Los Angeles Dodgers - Ted MF Lilly
16. Milwaukee Brewers - Yovani Gallardo
17. Minnesota Twins - it pains me Jim Thome is a Twin :(
18. New York Mets - I am partial to all of the Josh Thole business Steph has shared with us.
19. New York Yankees - If the zombie manages a comeback, Mark Prior. If not, AJ Burnett for the amusement factor.
20. Oakland Athletics - Rich Harden
21. Philadelphia Phillies - Roy Oswalt
22. Pittsburgh Pirates - Is Ronny Cedeno still there? I like laughing.
23. San Diego Padres - Clayton Richard!
24. San Francisco Giants - Tim Lincecum
25. Seattle Mariners - by default, Felix Hernandez
26. St. Louis Cardinals - I respect Albert Pujols and Chris Carpenter.
27. Tampa Bay Rays - David Price is a cool dude. Sam Fuld runs into brick walls.
28. Texas Rangers - Ian Kinsler
29. Toronto Blue Jays - Oh, I don’t have any strong feelings toward any Blue Jays and I was looking for a roster for an idea and saw Scott Podsednik’s name and I got distracted and then wrote you this run-off sentence.
30. Washington Nationals - Since Adam Dunn went to my neighborhood, I pretty much have no one. Tom Gorzelanny was a nice Cub.

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I was tempted to fuck with his mind and tell him no, but then Marty had to tell him I was a girl.  Oh wells.

I was tempted to fuck with his mind and tell him no, but then Marty had to tell him I was a girl.  Oh wells.

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I love everything about this.  Everything.

I love everything about this.  Everything.

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